Our Team


Danielle Mann | Creator/Founder

Danielle Mann grew up in South Orange attending the public schools. She’s been a marketing executive for 20 years and is a mom to three young girls. She founded Stand Up Girls in 2014 after realizing that there wasn’t anything out there like this group where she and her daughters could socialize and learn about important topics related to girls. Her husband Josh was also raised in South Orange, so the family's community roots run deep .


Alex Carter | Executive Director

Alex Carter is a Columbia Law School professor who teaches mediation. She travels widely to educate diplomats, and most recently formed a partnership with the United Nations. Alex began her affiliation with Stand Up Girls as a guest presenter. When she realized the girls' responses were as thoughtful and reasonable as those of the diplomats she works with, she and her daughter decided to join SUG. Alex’s husband is Maplewood Township Committeeman Greg Lembrich