I loved having extra time with my daughter. I see how important these lessons are and this is an excellent start to sharing them with the girls.
— Parent | Montclair, NJ

Another awesome night. The conversations that my daughter and I have after each session are so memorable and important.
— Parent | South Orange, NJ

I appreciate the one-on-one time dedicated to spending the evening with my daughter.
— Parent | Maplewood, NJ

At least 3 separate times my daughter has told me directly that she used a tip/tactic learned from the class to stand-up for herself or someone else. Pretty cool!
— Parent | South Orange, NJ

I wish we had Stand Up Girls when I was growing up. Please bring this to NYC!
— Teacher | New York City

Thank you for having me speak to the girls. These girls had more thoughtful questions than many adults who I speak to.
— Business Owner | Maplewood, NJ

The activities were really interesting and engaging (not easy to keep that many girls and parents quiet for so long) and your efforts are much appreciated. The world needs more positive, empowering groups.
— Parent | West Orange, NJ